In developing our website, the National Skills Academy for Materials, Production & Supply recognises that creativity is not the sole preserve of the able-bodied. The world-wide web offers great freedom and ability for elderly and disabled people, allowing them access to a whole universe where everyone is equal and where they can make a genuine contribution to society.

Yet, bold and exciting as such aspirations are, in practice their fulfilment depends entirely upon accessibility, a factor which we have been keen to address when developing our own website

This has called for careful research and planning inline with the needs of people with various challenges - whether these be visual, audial, motor or cognitive - as we want our site to be easily accessed and used by anyone, regardless of age or ability.

This website is intended to meet at least level 2 (AA) of the W3C's Website Accessibility Initiative (WAI) Guidelines, and as far as possible to meet level 3 (AAA). For more information about the WAI Guidelines see: W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

At the National Skills Academy for Materials, Production & Supply, we are committed to helping all our customers feel included and valued. If you have any concerns or difficulties in accessing any of the information held within this site please contact Amy Moran at and we will endeavour to meet your needs quickly and effectively.